SXSW Interactive is about to kick off

sxsw swag bagA few hours ago we went down to the Austin Convention Center to check in a little early for SXSW. We waited in line less than 30 minutes, picked up our badges, grabbed a swag bag, and walked around downtown and took in some of the visitors. The weather was beautiful today, so a lot of visitors from the East Coast were having an especially good time. It’s very hard not to enjoy Austin this time of year.

The next five days will be a whirlwind of panels, talks, demos, core conversations, and more.

Swag bag looks good. Got a copy of Linux Journal, some WordPress – Texas stickers, a t-shirt, and some other geeky stuff I probably won’t have time to sort through until after the conference.

If you’re in town and would like to get together, check out my SXSW page, which contains my conference schedule.

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