‘MacHeads’ is an accidental study in creating passionate users

Before there were tech hipsters, there were tech hippies. Both are a major part of a documentary available on Hulu.

MacHeads is a film about the cult aura that has surrounded the Apple brand from its inception in the 1980s, its fall in the 1990s, and its grand rebirth at the turn of the new century.

The film features fanatical Mac users. Not Mac-fanatics like the graphic designer at your office who always has the latest iPod and a ‘Think Different’ poster in his cubicle … More like the “I have a digital belt buckle that pays homage to Steve Jobs and I’m standing outside the Moscone Center at 4 a.m. waiting for MacWorld Expo to open” type user.

The film isn’t especially concise, but what I did enjoy, aside from vintage newsreel of MacWorld events, was some interesting exploration into how Steve Jobs and, most notably, Guy Kawasaki, managed fan/user communities and media at various times throughout the company’s history.

Check it out.


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