Monday, May 25, 2020

  • We finished watching The Last Dance last weekend. It scratched the sports itch for me so much that I may rewatch the entire series soon.
  • Carnegie Mellon: Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots.

Get Lost

Last week a friend recommended a new activity: set out on foot or drive to an unfamiliar neighborhood, get lost … really lost … and find your way back without the use of your smartphone. My first flight instructor would often do this to me in airplanes. The idea is to regain situational awareness using a simple set of procedures and reestablish where you are and where you’re going. While locked down at home with grocery deliveries and broadband, it’s easy for our minds to get soft and lose resiliency. I think it’s important to find new sources of discomfort other than the 24/7 news cycle or the fear of what the future may hold.

2020 and the Death of Information Technology

Via Robert Cringeley:

IT — Information Technology — grew out of something we called MIS — Management Information Systems — but both meant a kid in a white shirt who brought you a new keyboard when yours broke. Well, the kid is now gone, sent home with everyone else, and that kid isn’t coming back… ever. IT is near death, fading by the day. But don’t blame COVID-19 because the death of IT was inevitable. This novel coronavirus just made it happen a little quicker…

Amazon has been replacing all of our keyboards for some time now, along with our mice and our failed cables, and even entire PCs. IT has been changing steadily from kids taking elevators up from the sub-basement to Amazon Prime trucks rolling-up to your mailbox. At the same time, our network providers have been working to limit their truck rolls entirely. Stop by the Comcast storefront to get your cable modem, because nobody is going to come to install it if you aren’t the first person living there to have cable…

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) extends both the network and a security model end-to-end over any network including 4G or 5G wireless. Some folks will run their applications in their end device, whether it is a PC, phone, tablet, whatever, and some will run their applications in the same cloud as SASE, in which case everything will be that much faster and more secure. That’s end end-game if there is one — everything in the cloud with your device strictly for input and output, painting screens compressed with HTML5. It’s the end of IT because your device will no longer contain anything so it can be simply replaced via Amazon if it is damaged or lost, with the IT kid in the white shirt becoming an Uber driver.

Since COVID-19 is trapping us in our homes it is forcing this transition to happen faster than it might have. But it was always going to happen.

Italians in Lockdown and Lessons in Resiliency

What a great Twitter thread. Video after video 

Italians in lockdown all over Italy are keeping each other company by singing, dancing and playing music from the balconies. A thread to celebrate the resilience of ordinary people.