Net Neutrality: Who voted for what?

Here is a list of how members of the House of Represenatives voted on Net Neutrality.

Remember this during the next elections.

Major telecom companies will soon be able to discriminate against content thanks to the officials who voted “no”.

If you’re in West Texas, note that Rep. Randy Neugebauer voted against protecting the Internet from corporate interests.

Update: We also have a list of where many senators now stand on Net Neutrality, also.


* Aderholt, Robert, Alabama, 4th NO

* Bachus, Spencer, Alabama, 6th NO

* Bonner, Jo, Alabama, 1st NO

* Cramer, Robert E. “Bud”, Alabama, 5th NO

* Davis, Artur, Alabama, 7th NO

* Everett, Terry, Alabama, 2nd NO

* Rogers, Mike, Alabama, 3rd NO


* Young, Don, Alaska, At Large NO


* Flake, Jeff , Arizona, 6th NO

* Franks, Trent, Arizona, 2nd NO

* Grijalva, Raul, Arizona, 7th YES

* Hayworth, J.D., Arizona, 5th NO

* Kolbe, Jim, Arizona, 8th NO

* Pastor, Ed , Arizona, 4th NO

* Renzi, Rick, Arizona, 1st NO

* Shadegg, John, Arizona, 3rd NO


* Berry, Marion, Arkansas, 1st NO

* Boozman, John, Arkansas, 3rd NO

* Ross, Mike, Arkansas, 4th YES

* Snyder, Vic, Arkansas, 2nd YES


* Baca, Joe, California, 43rd NO

* Becerra, Xavier, California, 31st YES

* Berman, Howard, California, 28th YES

* Bono, Mary, California, 45th FAILED TO VOTE

* Calvert, Ken, California, 44th NO

* Campbell, John, California, 48th NO

* Capps, Lois, California, 23rd YES

* Cardoza, Dennis, California, 18th NO

* Costa, Jim, California, 20th NO

* Cunningham, Randy “Duke”, California, 50th — Vacancy NO

* Davis, Susan, California, 53rd YES

* Doolittle, John, California, 4th NO

* Dreier, David, California, 26th NO

* Eshoo, Anna G., California, 14th YES

* Farr, Sam, California, 17th YES

* Filner, Bob, California, 51st YES

* Gallegly, Elton, California, 24th NO

* Harman, Jane, California, 36th YES

* Herger, Wally, California, 2nd NO

* Honda, Mike, California, 15th YES

* Hunter, Duncan, California, 52nd NO

* Issa, Darrell, California, 49th NO

* Lantos, Tom, California, 12th YES

* Lee, Barbara, California, 9th NO

* Lewis, Jerry, California, 41st YES

* Lofgren, Zoe, California, 16th YES

* Lungren, Daniel E., California, 3rd NO

* Matsui, Doris O., California, 5th YES

* McKeon, Buck, California, 25th NO

* Millender-McDonald, Juanita, California, 37th NO

* Miller, Gary, California, 42nd NO

* Miller, George, California, 7th YES

* Napolitano, Grace, California, 38Th YES

* Nunes, Devin, California, 21st NO

* Pelosi, Nancy, California, 8th YES

* Pombo, Richard, California, 11th NO

* Radanovich, George P., California, 19th NO

* Rohrabacher, Dana, California, 46th NO

* Roybal-Allard, Lucille, California, 34th YES

* Royce, Ed, California, 40th NO

* Sanchez, Linda, California, 39th YES

* Sanchez, Loretta, California, 47th NO

* Schiff, Adam, California, 29th YES

* Sherman, Brad, California, 27th YES

* Solis, Hilda, California, 32nd YES

* Stark, Fortney Pete, California, 13th YES

* Tauscher, Ellen, California, 10th YES

* Thomas, Bill, California, 22nd NO

* Thompson, Mike, California, 1st YES

* Waters, Maxine, California, 35th YES

* Watson, Diane E., California, 33rd YES

* Waxman, Henry, California, 30th YES

* Woolsey, Lynn, California, 6th YES


* Beauprez, Bob, Colorado, 7th NO

* DeGette, Diana, Colorado, 1st YES

* Hefley, Joel, Colorado, 5th NO

* Musgrave, Marilyn, Colorado, 4th NO

* Salazar, John T., Colorado, 3rd YES

* Tancredo, Tom, Colorado, 6th NO

* Udall, Mark, Colorado, 2nd YES


* DeLauro, Rosa L., Connecticut, 3rd YES

* Johnson, Nancy L., Connecticut, 5th NO

* Larson, John B., Connecticut, 1st YES

* Shays, Christopher, Connecticut, 4th YES

* Simmons, Rob, Connecticut, 2nd NO


* Castle, Michael N., Delaware, At Large NO


* Bilirakis, Michael, Florida, 9th NO

* Boyd, Allen, Florida, 2nd NO

* Brown, Corrine, Florida, 3rd NO

* Brown-Waite, Virginia, Florida, 5th NO

* Crenshaw, Ander, Florida, 4th NO

* Davis, Jim, Florida, 11th FAILED TO VOTE

* Diaz-Balart, Lincoln, Florida, 21st NO

* Diaz-Balart, Mario, Florida, 25th NO

* Feeney, Tom, Florida, 24th NO

* Foley, Mark, Florida, 16th NO

* Harris, Katherine, Florida, 13th NO

* Hastings, Alcee L., Florida, 23rd NO

* Keller, Ric, Florida, 8th NO

* Mack, Connie, Florida, 14th NO

* Meek, Kendrick, Florida, 17th NO

* Mica, John, Florida, 7th NO

* Miller, Jeff, Florida, 1st NO

* Putnam, Adam, Florida, 12th NO

* Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, Florida, 18th NO

* Shaw Jr., E. Clay , Florida, 22nd NO

* Stearns, Cliff, Florida, 6th NO

* Wasserman Schultz, Debbie, Florida, 20th YES

* Weldon, Dave, Florida, 15th NO

* Wexler, Robert, Florida, 19th YES

* Young, C.W. Bill, Florida, 10th NO


* Barrow, John, Georgia, 12th NO NO

* Bishop Jr., Sanford D., Georgia, 2nd NO

* Deal, Nathan, Georgia, 10th NO

* Gingrey, Phil, Georgia, 11th NO

* Kingston, Jack, Georgia, 1st FAILED TO VOTE

* Lewis, John, Georgia, 5th NO

* Linder, John, Georgia, 7th NO

* Marshall, Jim, Georgia, 3rd YES

* McKinney, Cynthia, Georgia, 4th YES

* Norwood, Charlie, Georgia, 9th NO

* Price, Tom, Georgia, 6th YES

* Scott, David, Georgia, 13th YES

* Westmoreland, Lynn A., Georgia, 8th NO


* Abercrombie, Neil, Hawaii, 1st YES

* Case, Ed, Hawaii, 2nd YES


* Otter, Butch, Idaho, 1st NO

* Simpson, Mike, Idaho, 2nd NO


* Bean, Melissa L., Illinois, 8th YES

* Biggert, Judy, Illinois, 13th NO

* Costello, Jerry, Illinois, 12th YES

* Davis, Danny K., Illinois, 7th NO

* Emanuel, Rahm, Illinois, 5th YES

* Evans, Lane, Illinois, 17th FAILED TO VOTE

* Gutierrez, Luis, Illinois, 4th YES

* Hastert, Denny, Illinois, 14th NO

* Hyde, Henry, Illinois, 6th NO

* Jackson Jr., Jesse L., Illinois, 2nd YES

* Johnson, Timothy V., Illinois, 15th NO

* Kirk, Mark, Illinois, 10th NO

* Lahood, Ray, Illinois, 18th NO

* Lipinski, Daniel, Illinois, 3rd YES

* Manzullo, Donald, Illinois, 16th FAILED TO VOTE

* Rush, Bobby L., Illinois, 1st NO

* Schakowsky, Jan, Illinois, 9th YES

* Shimkus, John, Illinois, 19th NO

* Weller, Jerry, Illinois, 11th NO


* Burton, Dan, Indiana, 5th YES

* Buyer, Steve, Indiana, 4th NO

* Carson, Julia, Indiana, 7th YES

* Chocola, Chris, Indiana, 2nd NO

* Hostettler, John N., Indiana, 8th NO

* Pence, Mike, Indiana, 6th NO

* Sodrel, Michael E., Indiana, 9th NO

* Souder, Mark E., Indiana, 3rd NO

* Visclosky, Peter, Indiana, 1st YES


* Boswell, Leonard, Iowa, 3rd NO

* King, Steve, Iowa, 5th NO

* Latham, Tom, Iowa, 4th NO

* Leach, Jim, Iowa, 2nd YES

* Nussle, Jim, Iowa, 1st FAILED TO VOTE


* Moore, Dennis, Kansas, 3rd YES

* Moran, Jerry, Kansas, 1st YES

* Ryun, Jim, Kansas, 2nd NO

* Tiahrt, Todd, Kansas, 4th NO


* Chandler, Ben, Kentucky, 6th YES

* Davis, Geoff, Kentucky, 4th NO

* Lewis, Ron, Kentucky, 2nd NO

* Northup, Anne, Kentucky, 3rd NO

* Rogers, Harold, Kentucky, 5th NO

* Whitfield, Ed, Kentucky, 1st NO


* Alexander, Rodney, Louisiana, 5th NO NO

* Baker, Richard, Louisiana, 6th NO NO

* Boustany Jr., Charles W., Louisiana, 7th NO

* Jefferson, William J., Louisiana, 2nd NO

* Jindal, Bobby, Louisiana, 1st NO

* McCrery, Jim, Louisiana, 4th NO

* Melancon, Charlie, Louisiana, 3rd NO


* Allen, Tom, Maine, 1st YES

* Michaud, Michael, Maine, 2nd NO


* Bartlett, Roscoe, Maryland, 6th NO

* Cardin, Benjamin L., Maryland, 3rd YES

* Cummings, Elijah, Maryland, 7th NO

* Gilchrest, Wayne, Maryland, 1st NO

* Hoyer, Steny H., Maryland, 5th YES

* Ruppersberger, Dutch, Maryland, 2nd NO

* Van Hollen, Chris, Maryland, 8th YES

* Wynn, Albert, Maryland, 4th NO


* Capuano, Michael E., Massachusetts, 8th YES

* Delahunt, William, Massachusetts, 10th YES

* Frank, Barney, Massachusetts, 4th NO

* Lynch, Stephen F., Massachusetts, 9th YES

* Markey, Ed, Massachusetts, 7th YES

* McGovern, James, Massachusetts, 3rd YES

* Meehan, Marty, Massachusetts, 5th YES

* Neal, Richard E., Massachusetts, 2nd YES

* Olver, John, Massachusetts, 1st YES

* Tierney, John, Massachusetts, 6th YES


* Camp, Dave, Michigan, 4th NO

* Conyers Jr., John, Michigan, 14th YES

* Dingell, John, Michigan, 15th YES

* Ehlers, Vernon J., Michigan, 3rd NO

* Hoekstra, Pete, Michigan, 2nd NO

* Kildee, Dale, Michigan, 5th YES

* Kilpatrick, Carolyn, Michigan, 13th YES

* Knollenberg, Joseph , Michigan, 9th NO

* Levin, Sander, Michigan, 12th YES

* McCotter, Thaddeus, Michigan, 11th NO

* Miller, Candice, Michigan, 10th NO

* Rogers, Mike, Michigan, 8th NO

* Schwarz, John J.H. “Joe”, Michigan, 7th NO

* Stupak, Bart, Michigan, 1st YES

* Upton, Fred, Michigan, 6th NO


* Gutknecht, Gil, Minnesota, 1st NO

* Kennedy, Mark, Minnesota, 6th NO

* Kline, John, Minnesota, 2nd NO

* McCollum, Betty, Minnesota, 4th YES

* Oberstar, James L., Minnesota, 8th YES

* Peterson, Collin C., Minnesota, 7th YES

* Ramstad, Jim, Minnesota, 3rd NO

* Sabo, Martin Olav, Minnesota, 5th YES


* Pickering, Charles W. “Chip”, Mississippi, 3rd NO

* Taylor, Gene, Mississippi, 4th YES

* Thompson, Bennie G., Mississippi, 2nd YES

* Wicker, Roger, Mississippi, 1st NO


* Akin, Todd, Missouri, 2nd NO NO

* Blunt, Roy, Missouri, 7th NO

* Carnahan, Russ, Missouri, 3rd NO

* Clay Jr., William “Lacy”, Missouri, 1st NO

* Cleaver, Emanuel, Missouri, 5th NO

* Emerson, Jo Ann, Missouri, 8th NO

* Graves, Sam, Missouri, 6th NO

* Hulshof, Kenny, Missouri, 9th NO

* Skelton, Ike, Missouri, 4th NO


* Rehberg, Dennis, Montana, At Large NO


* Fortenberry, Jeff, Nebraska, 1st NO

* Osborne, Tom, Nebraska, 3rd NO

* Terry, Lee, Nebraska, 2nd YES


* Berkley, Shelley, Nevada, 1st YES

* Gibbons, Jim, Nevada, 2nd FAILED TO VOTE

* Porter, Jon, Nevada, 3rd NO

New Jersey

* Andrews, Robert E., New Jersey, 1st YES

* Ferguson, Michael, New Jersey, 7th NO

* Frelinghuysen, Rodney, New Jersey, 11th NO

* Garrett, Scott, New Jersey, 5th NO

* Holt, Rush, New Jersey, 12th YES

* LoBiondo, Frank, New Jersey, 2nd NO

* Menendez, Bob, New Jersey, 13th — Vacancy NO

* Pallone Jr., Frank, New Jersey, 6th YES

* Pascrell Jr., Bill, New Jersey, 8th YES

* Payne, Donald M., New Jersey, 10th YES

* Rothman, Steven, New Jersey, 9th YES

* Saxton, Jim, New Jersey, 3rd NO

* Smith, Chris, New Jersey, 4th NO

New Hampshire

* Bass, Charles, New Hampshire, 2nd NO

* Bradley, Jeb, New Hampshire, 1st NO

New Mexico

* Pearce, Steve, New Mexico, 2nd NO

* Udall, Tom, New Mexico, 3rd YES

* Wilson, Heather, New Mexico, 1st YES

New York

* Ackerman, Gary, New York, 5th NO NO

* Bishop, Timothy, New York, 1st YES

* Boehlert, Sherwood L., New York, 24th NO

* Crowley, Joseph, New York, 7th NO

* Engel, Eliot, New York, 17th YES

* Fossella, Vito, New York, 13th NO

* Higgins, Brian, New York, 27th YES

* Hinchey, Maurice, New York, 22nd YES

* Israel, Steve, New York, 2nd YES

* Kelly, Sue, New York, 19th NO

* King, Pete, New York, 3rd NO

* Kuhl Jr., John R. “Randy”, New York, 29th YES

* Lowey, Nita, New York, 18th NO

* Maloney, Carolyn, New York, 14th YES

* McCarthy, Carolyn, New York, 4th YES

* McHugh, John M., New York, 23rd FAILED TO VOTE

* McNulty, Michael R., New York, 21st YES

* Meeks, Gregory W., New York, 6th NO

* Nadler, Jerrold, New York, 8th YES

* Owens, Major, New York, 11th YES

* Rangel, Charles B., New York, 15th YES

* Reynolds, Thomas M., New York, 26th NO

* Serrano, José E., New York, 16th YES

* Slaughter, Louise, New York, 28th YES

* Sweeney, John E., New York, 20th NO

* Towns, Edolphus, New York, 10th NO

* Velázquez, Nydia M., New York, 12th YES

* Walsh, Jim, New York, 25th NO

* Weiner, Anthony D., New York, 9th YES

North Carolina

* Butterfield, G.K., North Carolina, 1st NO

* Coble, Howard, North Carolina, 6th NO

* Etheridge, Bob, North Carolina, 2nd NO

* Foxx, Virginia, North Carolina, 5th NO

* Hayes, Robin, North Carolina, 8th NO

* Jones, Walter B., North Carolina, 3rd YES

* McHenry, Patrick T., North Carolina, 10th NO

* McIntyre, Mike, North Carolina, 7th NO

* Miller, Brad, North Carolina, 13th YES

* Myrick, Sue, North Carolina, 9th NO

* Price, David, North Carolina, 4th NO

* Taylor, Charles H., North Carolina, 11th NO

* Watt, Mel, North Carolina, 12th YES

North Dakota

* Pomeroy, Earl, North Dakota, At Large YES


* Boehner, John A., Ohio, 8th NO

* Brown, Sherrod, Ohio, 13th YES

* Chabot, Steve, Ohio, 1st NO

* Gillmor, Paul, Ohio, 5th NO

* Hobson, David, Ohio, 7th NO

* Jones, Stephanie Tubbs, Ohio, 11th YES

* Kaptur, Marcy, Ohio, 9th YES

* Kucinich, Dennis J., Ohio, 10th YES

* LaTourette, Steven C., Ohio, 14th NO

* Ney, Robert W., Ohio, 18th NO

* Oxley, Michael G., Ohio, 4th NO

* Pryce, Deborah, Ohio, 15th NO

* Regula, Ralph, Ohio, 16th YES

* Ryan, Tim, Ohio, 17th YES

* Schmidt, Jean, Ohio, 2nd NO

* Strickland, Ted, Ohio, 6th YES

* Tiberi, Pat, Ohio, 12th NO

* Turner, Michael, Ohio, 3rd NO


* Boren, Dan, Oklahoma, 2nd NO

* Cole, Tom, Oklahoma, 4th NO

* Istook Jr., Ernest J., Oklahoma, 5th NO

* Lucas, Frank, Oklahoma, 3rd NO

* Sullivan, John, Oklahoma, 1st NO


* Blumenauer, Earl, Oregon, 3rd YES

* DeFazio, Peter, Oregon, 4th YES

* Hooley, Darlene, Oregon, 5th YES

* Walden, Greg, Oregon, 2nd NO

* Wu, David, Oregon, 1st YES


* Brady, Robert, Pennsylvania, 1st NO

* Dent, Charles W., Pennsylvania, 15th NO

* Doyle, Mike, Pennsylvania, 14th YES

* English, Phil, Pennsylvania, 3rd NO

* Fattah, Chaka, Pennsylvania, 2nd NO

* Fitzpatrick, Michael G., Pennsylvania, 8th YES

* Gerlach, Jim, Pennsylvania, 6th NO

* Hart, Melissa, Pennsylvania, 4th NO

* Holden, Tim, Pennsylvania, 17th NO

* Kanjorski, Paul E., Pennsylvania, 11th YES

* Murphy, Tim, Pennsylvania, 18th NO

* Murtha, John, Pennsylvania, 12th YES

* Peterson, John E., Pennsylvania, 5th FAILED TO VOTE

* Pitts, Joseph R., Pennsylvania, 16th NO

* Platts, Todd, Pennsylvania, 19th NO

* Schwartz, Allyson Y., Pennsylvania, 13th NO

* Sherwood, Don, Pennsylvania, 10th NO

* Shuster, Bill, Pennsylvania, 9th NO

* Weldon, Curt, Pennsylvania, 7th NO

Rhode Island

* Kennedy, Patrick, Rhode Island, 1st YES

* Langevin, Jim, Rhode Island, 2nd YES

South Carolina

* Barrett, J.Gresham, South Carolina, 3rd NO NO

* Brown, Henry, South Carolina, 1st NO

* Clyburn, James E., South Carolina, 6th NO

* Inglis, Bob, South Carolina, 4th NO

* Spratt, John, South Carolina, 5th NO

* Wilson, Joe, South Carolina, 2nd NO

South Dakota

* Herseth, Stephanie, South Dakota, At Large YES


* Blackburn, Marsha, Tennessee, 7th NO

* Cooper, Jim, Tennessee, 5th YES

* Davis, Lincoln, Tennessee, 4th NO

* Duncan Jr., John J., Tennessee, 2nd NO

* Ford, Harold, Tennessee, 9th YES

* Gordon, Bart, Tennessee, 6th YES

* Jenkins, William L., Tennessee, 1st NO

* Tanner, John, Tennessee, 8th NO

* Wamp, Zach, Tennessee, 3rd NO


* Barton, Joe, Texas, 6th NO

* Bonilla, Henry, Texas, 23rd NO

* Brady, Kevin, Texas, 8th NO

* Burgess, Michael, Texas, 26th NO

* Carter, John, Texas, 31st NO

* Conaway, K. Michael, Texas, 11th NO

* Cuellar, Henry, Texas, 28th NO

* Culberson, John, Texas, 7th NO

* DeLay, Tom, Texas, 22nd FAILED TO VOTE

* Doggett, Lloyd, Texas, 25th YES

* Edwards, Chet, Texas, 17th NO

* Gohmert, Louie, Texas, 1st NO

* Gonzalez, Charlie A., Texas, 20th NO

* Granger, Kay, Texas, 12th NO

* Green, Al, Texas, 9th NO

* Green, Gene, Texas, 29th NO

* Hall, Ralph M., Texas, 4th NO

* Hensarling, Jeb, Texas, 5th NO

* Hinojosa, Rubén, Texas, 15th NO

* Jackson Lee, Sheila, Texas, 18th NO

* Johnson, Eddie Bernice, Texas, 30th NO

* Johnson, Sam, Texas, 3rd NO

* Marchant, Kenny, Texas, 24th NO

* McCaul, Michael T., Texas, 10th NO

* Neugebauer, Randy, Texas, 19th NO

* Ortiz, Solomon P., Texas, 27th NO

* Paul, Ron, Texas, 14th NO

* Poe, Ted, Texas, 2nd NO

* Reyes, Silvestre, Texas, 16th FAILED TO VOTE

* Sessions, Pete, Texas, 32nd NO

* Smith, Lamar, Texas, 21st NO

* Thornberry, Mac, Texas, 13th NO


* Bishop, Rob, Utah, 1st NO

* Cannon, Chris, Utah, 3rd NO

* Matheson, Jim, Utah, 2nd YES


* Sanders, Bernie, Vermont, At Large YES


* Boucher, Rick, Virginia, 9th YES

* Brown-Waite, Virginia, Florida, 5th NO

* Cantor, Eric, Virginia, 7th NO

* Capito, Shelley Moore, West Virginia, 2nd NO

* Davis, Jo Ann S., Virginia, 1st NO

* Davis, Tom, Virginia, 11th YES

* Drake, Thelma D., Virginia, 2nd NO

* Forbes, J. Randy, Virginia, 4th NO

* Foxx, Virginia, North Carolina, 5th NO

* Goode Jr., Virgil H., Virginia, 5th NO

* Goodlatte, Bob, Virginia, 6th NO

* Mollohan, Alan B., West Virginia, 1st NO

* Moran, Jim, Virginia, 8th NO

* Rahall, Nick, West Virginia, 3rd NO

* Scott, Robert C. “Bobby”, Virginia, 3rd NO

* Wolf, Frank, Virginia, 10th YES


* Baird, Brian, Washington, 3rd YES

* Dicks, Norman D., Washington, 6th YES

* Hastings, Doc, Washington, 4th NO

* Inslee, Jay, Washington, 1st YES

* Larsen, Rick, Washington, 2nd NO

* McDermott, Jim, Washington, 7th YES

* McMorris, Cathy, Washington, 5th NO

* Reichert, David G., Washington, 8th YES

* Smith, Adam, Washington, 9th YES

West Virginia

* Capito, Shelley Moore, West Virginia, 2nd NO

* Mollohan, Alan B., West Virginia, 1st NO

* Rahall, Nick, West Virginia, 3rd NO


* Baldwin, Tammy, Wisconsin, 2nd YES

* Green, Mark, Wisconsin, 8th NO

* Kind, Ron, Wisconsin, 3rd YES

* Moore, Gwen, Wisconsin, 4th NO

* Obey, David R., Wisconsin, 7th YES

* Petri, Thomas, Wisconsin, 6th NO

* Ryan, Paul, Wisconsin, 1st NO

* Sensenbrenner, F. James, Wisconsin, 5th YES


* Cubin, Barbara, Wyoming, At Large NO


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