How to get Windows Vista Beta

I’ve tried this, and it worked.

Via Bartys Blog:

A Source today explained how to get to the Microsoft BetaExperience site for the Windows Vista Public Beta 2 Release. It provided me with both my key and a link although the links are the same non-working ones i already posted here.

To get your own key: Click Here (Make Sure you are already logged in to your live account)
If that link doesnt work, try chaning the ‘lcid’ number and then accessing or do it the long way.

    • Basically go to Microsoft Office 2007 ‘Get the Beta‘ Site
    • Make sure you are logged in
    • Select your Country
    • In the gap betwen pressing go and the next page coming up a url will be in the address bar for a second.
    • It will look similar to the etc.
    • You might need to take a screenshot to capture the image
    • Simily enter that url into the address bar and change office.aspx to vista.aspx
    • Then it should forward you to the Vista Site
    • Finally you will get an email with links to the Beta 2 Downloads(dont currently work)

If you have any problems leave a comment.

Update: To Change the country simply change the code at end of the URL, eg change ‘CountryCode=GBR’ to ‘CountryCode=USA’

You can get 2 Keys, each one will activate 10 computers.

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