Celebrating 102

I’m a huge fan of my wife’s grandmother, who earlier this year turned 102. Fanny May Bruce was born in 1909, and she has lived a terrific life. She’s truly a witness to history. I was excited to setup a website in her honor that features clips and videos representing just a tiny part of her life as it was covered by several West Texas newspapers over the past year or two.

via Fanny May Bruce’s life blog:

[Fanny May Bruce] has enjoyed working with her hands. If she needed a piece of furniture to fit in a certain space in her home, she built it. Fanny May’s home is filled with many beautiful hand crafted pieces of furniture. In addition to the woodworking, she is an accomplished artist. When asked what her favorite color to use in her art work, she replied, “Whatever needs to be there.” One learns that this is a lady that doesn’t waste time with idle chat or thoughts.

More: FannyMayBruce.com