2011 MacBook Pro upgrade

I’ve written before about customer service at the Apple Store here in Austin. Here’s another experience worth sharing.

On Jan. 22 I bought a 13″ 2010 MacBook Pro at The Domain. Earlier this week, the new MacBook Pro models were announced. I was impressed enought with the new models — especially the Thunderbolt i/o and i5 processor contained in the 13″ model — to take a chance and call the Apple Store about an exchange.

Without any hesitation, they agreed to exchange my 2010 Pro for the newer 2011 model. No questions, no fees, just an even swap. I was out of the store in 10 minutes, which was an added bonus as I’m currently fighting a virus.

The new machine is a nice step up for the MacBook Pro line. Big thanks to the managers and staff at The Domain’s Apple Store for always being of assistance.