What will be the last Steve Jobs inspired Apple product?

For many tech enthusiasts, the thought of Steve Jobs not coming to work is pretty uncomfortable to bear. News today that Jobs was again taking a leave of absence from Apple and leaving CFO Tim Cook in charge had me deliberating which product would considered to be Jobs last — his swan song — if his leave were to somehow become a permanent departure.

The iPhone 4, despite antennae problems, was an explosive success for Apple and continues to have a major affect not just on the smartphone industry but on how consumers expect to receive and parse information. The second iteration of the MacBook Air was also successful, but nowhere near the mark of the iPhone. MacBook Pro is due for a refresh. Pros haven’t had a full refresh in 279 days, and average 208 days. We should seen see an update here, but probably nothing beyond processor speed bumps. (This is actually killing me since I desperately want a MacBook Pro, but hesitate to purchase until the latest model.)

Apple TV is still fledgling; it’s impact on the home theatre and content distribution won’t be realized for some time.

I realize that the subtext here suggests that Apple products will lose a certain luster without Jobs around to manage development and personalities, and while that’s debatable, what’s for certain is that the core Apple fanatics will even further scrutinize Apple products for signs of an absence of Jobs’ brilliance after he’s no longer contributing to the company.

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