Qrank set to launch movie and sports channels, currently serving 200K users

Rodney Gibbs, CEO of Austin-based developer Ricochet Labs, today made some impressive revelations about the company’s highly addictive Qrank iPhone app.

The biggest news of Gibbs’ brief presentation, made at the InnoTech Austin conference, is that Qrank is set to launch partnerships with several sports and movie channels. Gibbs mentioned ESPN Sports as an example of a media partner. These partnerships will allow for various channels by topic. In the example of ESPN, a sports channel will let fans focus solely on sports trivia.

Ricochet is working to allow more playable rounds of trivia each day. Qrank currently limits users to one round of trivia per day.

Some other quick facts about Qrank, according to Gibbs:

  • about 200,000 Qrank users to date
  • 200,000 total downloads on iTunes
  • 70 percent comeback rate, the rate that measures how “sticky” the app is with users
  • 3 million games played
  • there are currently about 36,000 active live-game venues

Qrank is working on a system that will allow for the redemption for real-world prizes. The ultimate goal is to drive traffic to businesses.

In addition, Gibbs predicted an Android release for Qrank as early as this fall.

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