Easy HTML coding and blogging with Markdown

I’ve been experimenting with Markdown for a couple weeks. Markdown is a programming language for web writers that essentially allows you to write web copy while inserting html commands without cluttering your copy with XHTML/HTML markup.

I’ve been using Markdown on my iPad, where it’s extremely tedious to write copy and HTML/xhtml code together within documents. The Markdown app lets me write copy then use a much simpler language for formatting text with ordered and unordered lists, links, italics, and other common html tags.

This makes blogging on iPad much simpler. My current configuration is to write in Markdown. The app let’s me open the fully coded HTML output into an email, which from there i can send to Posterous, which syndicates to my WordPress blog. I can also copy the HTML markup directly into the WordPress app.


  • Compose HTML emails using Markdown syntax
  • Save drafts of your messages in progress
  • Preview your messages before posting them
  • Email raw markdown source to your Posterous blog or other service
  • Copy generated HTML to your clipboard
  • TextExpander touch support

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