Facebook now lets you download all your stuff, adds groups

All of your Facebook data and uploads are now portable, and can be downloaded in a single .zip file that contains your updates, photos, messages, etc. The service is rolling out over the next several days.

Look for social networks and services that offer the ability to import this .zip file and create a new profile based on your Facebook export.

Facebook today also announced Groups, which offers enhanced taxonomy of social connections:

The goal is to map all real-world groups in a way that’s all-inclusive and can be used in several different contexts. Facebook wants to be the place you go for group email, group chat, etc. You can sort people by family, activities, sports teams—pretty much whatever you want. And just like anyone can tag a photo, each group can be controlled by any of its members.

In terms of a design implications, Groups will live on the lefthand side of the page. You can send and receive email within the Group, even edit a document. It’s not clear if that collaboration can take place in real time.

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