The iPhone 4 has killed the competition.

iphone 4There isn’t much left to say by now about the iPhone 4.

Whether you like it or not, its place among the competition is firmly rooted. And even though consumers haven’t even received their free cases yet, it’s clear that Steve Jobs has ravaged his competition when it comes to innovation and overall user experience.

Yes, the device has a serious flaw. But how the phone performs in other areas drastically overshadows the bad:

  • The Retina Display is superior to anything else on the market.
  • The iPhone 4 shoots terrific video, and the camera control interface makes sharing and uploading very easy.
  • iOs 4.0 feels natural. It’s fast, slick and intuitive.

AT&T service is mediocre at best, and its data pricing is insulting, but once the phone opens up to other carriers within the next year, these issues will likely be resolved.

By now most of us are well entrenched in iTunes. No other service has yet to offer the usability, selection of songs, books, and audiobooks. Songs purchased in the iTunes Store are DRM-free.

Apple has once again set the pace for mobile innovation, and the next two years will be the most exciting yet for the standards they’ve set.