A review of the iPhone 4, as written from an iPhone 4 at 35,000 feet

I received the iPhone 4 yesterday, a day before the official launch, which gave me time to become familiar with the device before hopping on a plane to Washington D.C. this morning. I’m actually writing this post on the plane, using the WordPress for iPhone app, and typing and editing is very easy.

The iPhone 4 goes far beyond my expectations. Most impressive is its Retina Display, which creates a crystal clear visual experience with very high resolution. I’ve also been having fun with the 5MP camera and high definition video recorder. I plan on shooting lots of video and pictures while traveling this weekend and will post them as they’re available.

The iPhone 4 feels good to hold. Both the front and the back are made of a relatively sturdy glass. I’m not anxious to see how it holds up to drops and dings, but so far it feels very tough.

The phone is lightning fast, relying on a new A4 chip and the new iOS4 operating system.

I think Apple has raised the bar substantially with this one.