Facebook now feels like the work of clumsy engineers

Six reasons why Google Buzz wins

It’s Cleaner

Face it. Facebook is a mess. There’s too much clutter and informational noise.

There’s very little organization and threading, and the service will unlikely be able to scale in a way to ever correct this. Google Buzz reflects Google’s OCD-like obsession of tidiness and content organization.

No Farmville

For some users this may be a big disadvantage. For me, it’s not. I want my social stream to be focused on information, data, images and video ––  Not what your virtual livestock are doing.

Google Buzz has Good Real Estate

I’m in Gmail and Google Calendar any time I’m at a computer. When I want to check Facebook I need to login to the service through a browser or access Facebook’s mobile app on my iPhone. I can see Buzz activity even when I’m not necessarily looking for it. Having streams of information provided by my friends where I already live is a huge plus.


While Google is often under suspicion for what it may do to your information, Facebook already flat out sucks at handling your information. Facebook has largely abandoned the privacy of its users in an about-face, making all user information public-facing by default. Users have to go through a series of steps to correct this. Google Buzz makes posting private updates easy with a privacy option immediately connected to the publish button.

Better Connections

Facebook has become a perpetual reunion site. Friend recommendations are clumsy. By default, Google Buzz connects you with the people you e-mail most. That is, the people who you want to be in contact with.

Google Maps Nearby

This might be the single biggest difference between Facebook and Google Buzz. Right from the start, Buzz allows users to see who is posting nearby via Google Maps when accessed from a mobile device. This is going to be a hugely popular feature at SXSW next month for conference attendees and partygoers looking for late breaking, hot events around Austin.

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