Google Video Categories you didn’t know about

I’ve always found the default Google Video categories a bit boring. I had always wondered what it would be like if you could search by other categories (even by circumventing Google’s defaults). The answer to the question, of course, is yes:

Here they are, via JimmyR:

Publishers have the opton to select 38 different genres they’d like to categorize their video in. Google Video’s website only lists 7 types: Comedy, Music videos, Movies, Sports, Animation, TV shows, Google Picks. You can still order by genre using a special search.

  1. Educational
  2. Instructional
  3. Stock Footage
  4. Comedy
  5. Mature Adult
  6. Science and Technology
  7. Ads and Promotions
  8. News
  9. Animation
  10. Sports
  11. Home Video
  12. Documentary
  13. Business
  14. Dance
  15. Drama
  16. Foreign
  17. Gaming
  18. Horror
  19. Movie trailer
  20. Nature
  21. Political
  22. Religious
  23. Romance
  24. Special Interest
  25. Thriller
  26. Travel
  27. TV Show
  28. Western
  29. Movie Short
  30. Movie Feature
  31. Faith and Spirituality
  32. Gay and Lesbian
  33. Science Fiction & Fantasy
  34. Action and Adventure
  35. Children and Family
  36. Art and Expiremental
  37. Health And Fitness
  38. Independent

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