Comcast box starts fire in home

Not content with just sleeping on the couch, now Comcast is lighting homes on fire. A JAcksonville couple has said a Comcast cable box caught fire and destroyed some of their personal belongings. Caught in a PR nightmare following the sleeping tech story, Comcast seems willing to make right:

A Jacksonville couple is happy to be alive after they say their cable box caught fire overnight.

Resident Johnnie Cope says he woke up early Monday morning to find smoke everywhere in his home and his cable box on fire. Cope says it was up to him to get his wife and 5 dogs out of harms way. “47 years I’ve been married to this little girl, and I almost lost her.”

Cope suffers from emphysema and moving around at all is a tough task for him. Since the fire, he says it’s been just too much to handle physically and emotionally.

“I can’t breath. I use this machine […] every hour. My wife is coughing, [and the] dogs are coughing,” he says.

The Copes lost their computer and fax machine in the fire, which may not sound like a lot. But to a couple relying on social security, it’s everything.

Cope says Comcast came out to their home a couple of times and took the cable box. But when it comes to helping them get their belongings replaced, they say the company is dragging its feet.

“They just don’t care. Comcast has brushed us off. They could’ve killed my family,” Cope says.

However, you always hear ‘the customer comes first’ at Comcast, and the company says they’re going to prove it. A Comcast company representative says as soon as they get the insurance report, something they are required to have in their hands, they will make sure the Cope’s gets what’s owed to them.

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