Wrigley bullpen gets WiFi

There isn’t much good news coming out of the Chicago Cubs bullpen in recent weeks, but there may be some hope if Wade Miller or Greg Maddux want to do a blog post during the 7th inning stretch:

CHICAGO — Wrigley Field, the last big league stadium to install lights, will be the first to go wireless.

Starting Tuesday, when Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker needs to communicate with his bullpen during games he’ll call on a wireless handset designed by Motorola Inc. rather than reach for the corded phone on the dugout’s back wall.

Juan Lopez, the Cubs’ bullpen coach, will be sure not to miss the call — he’ll have one of the i580 phones strapped to his belt and it will vibrate and produce a loud ring.

The Cubs and Motorola, who announced the arrangement Monday for both the home and visiting dugouts and bullpens, said it will be the first wireless bullpen phone system used by a major league team.

The Cubbies need all the help they can get. At press time, they are losing 3-0 to Houston.

UPDATE: Cubs lose to Houston 9-2. Might want to check those IP settings.

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