iPod integrated into Major League Baseball workouts

How the Colorado Rockies use iPod to hit big

As if it wasn’t enough that Apple’s uber-cool device lets you rock out to your favorite tunes and watch television shows, now it can help your batting average. The Colorado Rockies now use iPod to master their swings:

The Rockies moved beyond iPod’s music, its most common clubhouse function, through creative intervention during spring training. It began when Rockies assistant video coordinator Brian Jones was downloading video of hitters’ swings and burning a CD. In a sport where players wear sunglasses equipped with MP3 players, he figured there had to be a more practical application.

So Mike Hamilton, the team’s video coordinator, purchased a video iPod and the two began tinkering. They were looking to integrate information more seamlessly with the sport’s transient lifestyle. They showed the finished product to veteran first baseman Todd Helton, who loved it. Infielder Jamey Carroll became the first lab rat, turning his iPod into a video library of his swings.


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