iTunes has Red Hot Chili Peppers fans red hot angry

RHCP fans are miffed at Apple iTunes for apparently not receiving codes that make them eligible for concert ticket pre-sales as promised:

A large number of Apple Computer’s iTunes customers, who paid in advance for rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album “Stadium Arcadium” in order to receive a Ticketmaster code that would allow them to purchase advance tickets for the bands upcoming tour, did not receive those codes before ticket pre-sales began on Tuesday and are now enraged with the iPod maker.

Hundreds of the angry iTunes customers are convening on the company’s support forms, demanding to know why they did not receive their Ticketmaster pre-sale code Monday evening as Apple had led them to believe.

via AppleInsider

While fans have reason to be upset it should first be determined who is reponsible for the blunder. It may be a problem that falls on the ticket broker in the event they didn’t properly distribute the codes to purchasers following the sale. Either way, this is going to be a marketing and public relations headache for all entities involved.

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