NES Light Gun – Alarm clock

A London Geek has hard-wired a vintage NES lightgun to his alarm clock in what could be described as a pretty fun gadget – or piece of art. I like the idea of popping a cap in my alarm clock each morning with anything but a 12-gauge shotgun:

This piece connects two electronic pop icons from the 80s: the famous cube-shaped bestselling alarm clock from Sony and the Nintendo light gun Zapper, launched in 1985 along with the also bestselling 8 bit game console NES. These two devices are hard-wired so the time and the alarm of the Sony clock can be set up firing with the light gun. See the “hard-wired functionalities” below to know how it works. This piece in particular has been featured in the magazine Artinvestor dec. 2005 (special issue on Game Art). (more)

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