Top 5 uses for an iPod at work

I carry my tiny iPod Shuffle with me almost everywhere I go. I find it especially handy at work where I can listen to music and podcasts from my iTunes music library from home. I have a set of very tiny desktop speakers I can plug directly into whenever I feel the need to listen to Led Zeppe … er … Tchaikowsky.

Yes, it’s true an iPod can make you look extra cool on your way to the job. But now with the functionality of each iPod model there isn’t much need to leave it sitting in your briefcase or purse once you’ve arrived at the office.

So here’s a few ways your iPod can be used at work:

5. Video Presentations: the newest iPod model has video functionality that can make viewing video on the fly very handy. The 5th generation iPod makes it relatively easy to view video on a television with an optional S-video cable. Converting video to an iPod-compatible format isn’t an exact science yet – but it’s not excessively difficult.

4. Slide Shows: Any iPod since the fourth-generation color model makes viewing photos a snap (also compatible on larger screens). Not only that, but Keynote and PowerPoint presentations can be easily formatted to view either on your iPod or on a more viewable display.

3. Podcasts / Audio Training Materials: A large amount of industry training materials now come digitally formatted and audio is no exception. Anything that can be recorded (video or audio) can be displayed or “broadcast” from your iPod. Similarly, any training materials you have on CD (conference lectures, notable industry speeches, etc) can be easily synced onto your iPod using iTunes.

2. Personal Recorder: The flip side to #3 is that your iPod can be used to record audio as well. By using a third party accessory users can record meetings, speeches, and take voice memos that can be easily transferred to a computer and burned onto CD or emailed to others within the company.

1. Portable External Hard Drive: One of the most overlooked features of the iPod is its ability to serve as a portable memory drive. The iPod can be configured to be recognized as a removable drive. This makes it easy to backup important email and other files. I carry a number of document templates on mine in the event I need them for quick access. I also carry several freeware installers with me in the event I need to load them onto another computer I’m using.

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