Big Problem with Google Pages?

Via One Degree:

I was all set to tell my kids and my 85 year-old mother (all Gmail users) that they could now post a web page or two super easy, but I’m not going to. I’ve worked very hard to make sure they’re addresses are not easy to find online and with one click of the publish button Google will make their e-mail addresses available to every stalker, sexual predator, phisher, and spammer out there!

I suggest you tell those non-technical users you know and care about that they should NOT use Gpages at this time. Right now I’d have to say that Gpages users are just setting themselves up for a whole heap of spam if they decide to post a site.


Despite the scary rhetoric this is not a huge issue. The only way a spammer would obtain email addresses is to either scout all the * addresses or just randomly guess the subdomain. Guess what? Spammers do this with your gmail (or yahoo, msn, hotmail, university, or corporate) accounts anyway.

Gmail’s spam filter is nearly flawless. The elderly and children who use the Web are susceptible to far bigger threats than emails harvested from their personal sites. Avoiding spam (or online predators) is nearly impossible – the goal should instead be knowing how to react once you receive that email from a questionable source.

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