Digg flaw discovered

On Wednesday night a user using the nickname itoldyouso posted to Digg a link to a video that shows users how they can “digg” a story multiple times, as opposed to the single vote that users can typically give a story. (click image to enlarge)

This flaw is likely going to be a relatively significant problem for Digg developers as any abuse of the voting system could significantly impact how stories are voted to the site’s main page.


I tested user itoldyouso’s bug – and was relatively shocked to discover that it worked for me. Unfortunately, my Digg account was suspended almost immediately after testing it.

Kevin Rose, co-founder of Digg and co-star of Diggnation, just emailed me inquiring about it. I advised him I wasn’t the user that discovered the bug but that I did indeed test it and found (to my horror) that it worked. He advised me they found the flaw and are fixing it now. Hopefully once everything is sorted out I’ll have my account reinstated.


Digg Support just contacted me and reinstated my account with a very firm warning not to test any more flaws. I have no problem at all with that request. Thanks to Kevin and the Digg team for addressing this right away.

Calling all Digg users: Do not try to test this bug for yourself. It will certainly result in a suspension of your account. Let the developers dive in and fix the problem without being further burdened by spammed counters.

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