Some of the problems with using Gmail

Blogger Justin Blanton looks at some of the problems with using Gmail. Among his findings:

  • Doesn’t take you back to the Inbox after replying to an e-mail. As soon as I send an e-mail off I want to move on to something else. Instead, I have to wait for the send to complete and then click (or use a keyboard shortcut) to get back to the Inbox.
  • After selecting emails and applying some action to them, they are not unchecked after the action has been applied. This, perhaps, is the most annoying thing about Gmail. I can’t for the life of me figure out the logic behind this (or the technical reason why it hasn’t been fixed). What the hell!?!
  • No ability to specify the width of the application within the browser window — it always expands to the size of the window.

Justin is also a pretty impressive photographer.

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