Wireless TiVo

We found out tonight how much TiVo comes to life once you connect it to your wireless broadband. No more plugging it into the phone line once every 2 weeks or running out of programming information if you forget to do so.

Even more impressive is the ability to browse movie times and buy tickets, stream audio content and listen to podcasts. Yahoo! has an impressive built in feature that provids weather and traffic data.

TiVo content can be wirelessly transferred to our laptops and burned to DVD, albeit at horribly slow speeds.

This is an interesting way to sneak towards the living room based multimedia center.

The downside of course is the cost. I originally purchased a Linksys wireless adapter from Best Buy the was totally incompatible with our Series 2 unit. Lauren, always the wiser, purchased an adapter directly from TiVo in an effort to offset my inability to measure compatibility.

Note that the special content must be request from TiVo by filling in your service # on this form.

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