My thoughts on the Mac

Anyone who has talked to me about technology stuff the past 5 months or so knows that I’m a tremendous fan of Apple computers and the iPod. It hasn’t always been this way. When I was working at the newspaper, we used old iMac desktops that got the job done, but the experience never really blew my socks off, mainly because I used OS 9.2 on the Macs, and Windows XP on my home machines, and in contrast XP just looks cooler than OS 9.2.

I realized Apple might be onto something when Lauren and I bought our first iPods a few years ago, and I was able to use iTunes. I quickly learned that iTunes was a superior piece of software, encompassing everything that I believe software should be: usable. This is not to mention that iTunes also allowed me to buy music legally, song by song. I bought a Mac Mini a couple months ago, and I quickly realized that OSX is superior to Windows in many ways. In order to become more fluent in OSX and third party apps, I’m now trying to do all my “serious” work on my Mac. That is to say, work that pays the bills.

Last week I forced myself to do some consulting work on the Mac. Mainly lots of formatting and style stuff in Word. This allowed be get my hands into the guts of Mac Word, and I was ultimatally impressed. I’m a tremendous fan of the MS Office Suite, especially Word. But I’ve always used it on my Windows machines, and not so much on the Mac.

The palettes are much more defined and intuitive in the Mac version, and I was more quickly able to save versions of the documents on my flash drive, which appears on the OSX desktop, as opposed to having to dig for it in the My Computer directory on my Windows machine. In short, my work got done faster and better.

The Mac community is also at my service when I need help. Whenever I get caught in a rookie predicament, I log into MacRumors and post a question. I usually receive geek help within minutes. Not a bad experience so far.

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