Free wireless to downtown Lubbock update

Bringing free wireless to downtown Lubbock is becoming more and more of an exciting project. Today, I set up a meeting with Dr. Alfonso Sanchez of the TTU Community and Workforce Academy. I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Sanchez last summer on some of the work he is doing with Dr. Rich Rice to bring technology in the form of computers, hardware and connectivity to an area that has none.

In our everyday lives, its easy to forget the luxury that we have in being able to look up information, order prescription medicine, or communicate with loved ones online. Its difficult to consider that there are entire portions of communities that go without this luxury-turned-necessity. This wireless project has the opportunity to be an important element in not only generating greater traffic and revenue to downtown in the form of access to patrons of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and parks, but also to provide connectivity to those who don’t have access to it otherwise.

This is why I’m working to bring free wireless to downtown Lubbock. This project really sells itself when you look at the facts, and weigh the benefits.

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