May 30, 2005

Lauren and I spent Memorial Day at the pool with our iPods, Subway, and a textbook or two. I think I got too much sun.

Dr. Rich Rice has shared with me several links pertaining to wireless access in downtown areas. This week I’ll be preparing correspondence to the Lubbock City Council pitching the idea of free wireless access in downtown Lubbock.

Here are some links pertaining to the wireless initiative:

WiMax and WiMax Forum

From Steven Krause:

NOW on Politics of Municipal Broadband Networks
Interview with Lawrence Lessing
A Wireless Washtenaw County?

1 thought on “May 30, 2005

  1. apple of my eye

    athens, ga also has a wireless cloud over its downtown, and the results have been fabulousof course the biggest thing is that laptop-toting kids (like yours truly) can sit downtown and blog/email/work/play/etc. online for free (woo hoo!)plus all the coffee shops in town have experienced a surge in business from all the wifi-enabled college kids and townieseverybody wins, i’d say(and if i remember correctly, the cloud in athens was originally proposed and established by a group of forward-looking citizens like you, betapundit!)



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