Tiger Notes

I made it to the university computer retailer 5 minutes before they closed to pick up a new copy of Mac OSX Tiger. The stayed open until 7pm tonight in order to meet demand for customers who insisted on picking up a copy of the OS on its launch date. So far I’m pretty impressed, but I wouldn’t be if I had to pay the $129 retail price (I was able to nab it for $69 on an education discount). Spotlight is by far the best feature, and will be particularly useful once I start transferring and backing up a lot of files from my notebook to my Mac-Mini.

AppleInsider has some interesting notes on both Tiger and iWork:

Based on an analysis of data and information, we believe Apple in the US has shipped upwards of a quarter million retail copies of Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” to its retail stores and Apple authorized resellers in preparation for tonight’s Tiger launch event.

Sources close to the company said the average Apple retail store is expecting to have 1000 copies of Tiger on hand, while flagship locations, such as the company’s SoHo store in Manhattan, have reportedly been stocked with 5000 copies. Additionally, stores are receiving a hundred or so Tiger drop-in kits for preexisting Apple desktop computers in inventory and a few dozen mini drop-in kits for existing Mac minis.

Dare we say it, but Microsoft will love it — iWork sales have become so sluggish that Apple is literally inventing ways to pull sales of the product out of the doldrums.

After an initial modest response, sales of the software have been described as nothing short of “horrible.” Most retail stores AppleInsider spoke to conceded to only moving a handful of copies each week, if that.

I noticed that Apple included a demo version of iWork alongside my copy of Tiger. I feel more reluctant to install it now, though.

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