Knight(s) to Leave Texas Tech?

Whenever the Texas Tech men’s basketball team has a (relatively) good or bad season, rumors are born that suggest coach Bob Knight is going to leave Lubbock and continue on to greener pastures. It seems that this year is no exception. I found this thread on the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal’s discussion boards today, in which the rumor of Knight going to Tennessee is being kicked around.

As a reporter Emeritus for The University Daily, I can attest that it seemed that nearly every month the sports desk would come abuzz with rumors of Knight leaving. Personally, I would be surprised either way. It’s not a tremendous secret locally that Knight and Tech Chancellor Dr. David Smith have little more than a nodding relationship at best (I was in the uncomfortable position of covering this story not long ago).

It does appear, however, that assistant coach and Knight offspring Pat Knight may be in the running for a job at Fresno State. Based on Pat’s rhetoric, I would say it sounds like a pretty sure thing:

“The thing is that actually taking the job isn’t just a stepping stone. This will give me a chance to do my own thing,” he said. “And it will give me a chance to do it from scratch. That’s what (Bob Knight) did when he came here; built it right up.”

Could it be that Pat is leaving in preparation of his dad’s departure? I wonder how long coach Bob would stay in Lubbock if chum and AD Gerald Myers were to ever leave?

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