Google One Step Closer to Launching Gmail

It seems that Google is getting one step closer to launching Gmail. While surfing this morning, I saw the a link below the search field inviting me to the service (see image). Here’s the word from Google:

Since we launched Gmail in April 2004, we’ve been focused on improving the service, relying on our users to spread the word and invite others to try it out. The response has been great, and now we’re ready for some more Gmail users. …

As we make room for more Gmail users, we want to first extend invitations to Google users. We’re still working to make Gmail better, so for now, we’re just inviting a small number at random. Looks like that’s you! We’re really excited to share Gmail with you and we hope you like it.

I’ve been using Gmail for almost a year now, and it changed that way I use e-mail. If you’re not lucky enough to get an invitation from Google to try Gmail, e-mail. I have plenty of invitations to go around.

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