Lubbock Pushing to Improve Image, Little Else

Some members of the Lubbock media are quick to jump on the press release bandwagon. Much like this:

According to the ACCRA, Lubbock is the 5th least expensive city to live in, in the US. The company surveys 314 metropolitan areas of all sizes in North America, taking into account six primary expenses: groceries; housing; utilities; transportation; healthcare; and miscellaneous goods and services.

Could it be that this is because Lubbock has one of the most dismal crime rates in the State of Texas? Barely a month ago, the same media outlet reported this story:

The cost of living in Lubbock is increasing. The overall cost of goods and services increased by almost 5% in the past year and .5% in December. Clothing prices increased dramatically with an eight percent increase in one month.

Not long ago, Self Magazine named Lubbock the 3rd unhealthiest city for women, a figure based on Lubbock’s unusually high crime rate.

Here’s another interesting commentary about the Lubbock Crime rate:

Compared to several other departments of similar size, the Lubbock Police Department is less forthcoming with the timely release of neighborhood crime information to citizens.

This is not to say that Lubbock media dodges less flattering news about the city, but it only seems fair and professional to look past the rhetoric.

In my analysis, if your community is deemed the 5th least expensive city to live in the U.S. you may have some questions to answer about the quality of your city.

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