Podcast News

Will Podcasting be the most revolutionary thing to hit the internet since blogs? It might be. Blogging became powerful because it essentially added a component to the internet that turned anyone with a web browser and internet connection into an armchair journalist, occasionally giving big media a run for its money. Imagine the same approach, but substitute radio for print journalism. Podcasting allows anyone with a computer and a microphone, or a similar digital recording device, to record broadcasts. These broadcasts are hosted, then synched with podcasting RSS tools that allow listeners to download content and listen to it on their computers or iPods.

The godfather of this technology? None other than 80’s MTV rock jock Adam Curry. The PodFather has been at his Amsterdam residence feverishly broadcasting and organizing the Podcasting movement. He founded Ipodder, a portal where users can download RSS tools and feeds. Thanks to Curry, there are literally thousands of podcasting shows to listen to: 80’s retro, sports, news, politics. Anything you might find on regular airwaves, sans FCC and Big Media influence.

Read more about Podcasting here, here, and here.

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