Apple and Best Buy will partner to sell Mac

MacObserver is reporting that Apple and Best Buy will partner to sell Mac-Minis and Ipod Shuffles, presumably in the next 30 days:

Apple Computer will begin selling both models of the Mac mini and the $99 iPod shuffle at over 780 Best Buy stores in the U.S. sometime in the next 30 days, the electronics retailer has confirmed and highly reliable, third-party sources have corroborated to The Mac Observer. The return of Macintosh computers to Best Buy ends an almost six year hiatus for Apple at the nation’s largest electronics retailer.

The report follows the brief appearance of the Mini at Target Online.

What may be interesting to see is how Best Buy will approach its onsite sales strategy to sell Mac products. Blue shirted sales reps are typically accustomed to pushing stock PC units, and will require a crash course in handling PC-to-Mac converts: Will this app run on Macs? Where is the right-click button? Will my wireless home network link my Mac to my PC? Without a doubt, however, Apple’s position in the PC-drenched Best Buy stores will harvest unprecedented exposure for potential converts.


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