Humble Book Bundle: Cybersecurity 2020

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Kirsten Gillibrand Proposes U.S. Data Protection Agency

via Protocol:

The so-called Data Protection Act of 2020 would create the country’s first data protection agency to oversee how privacy laws in America are enforced and guide Congress on the development of those laws. The agency would be empowered to impose penalties on companies that violate people’s privacy, taken them to court, field consumer complaints, and launch investigations.

“As our country and economy continue to evolve with the digital age, we face a national crisis as our personal data gets targeted — and not just for marketing by brands, but also to establish if we can access certain jobs, loans, or prices on products,” Gillibrand wrote. “Americans should be able to go to an institution that will look out for, and actively work to protect, their privacy and freedom.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams played his last game 17 years before I was born, but I’ve been heavily invested in the myth of one of baseball’s greatest hitters since I was a kid. In addition to being a nineteen-time All-Star, a two-time American League MVP, and a two-time Triple Crown winner, Williams was a pilot, flight instructor, and avid fisherman.

The lone red seat pictured here between me and my brother in law marks the spot in Fenway Park’s right-field bleachers where Williams’ June 9, 1946 home run landed. The 502-foot shot remains the longest home run ever hit in Fenway.Fenway Park Red Seat

One of my favorite pieces of sports memorabilia is this official American League ball signed by The Splendid Splinter.

Ted Williams Autographed Baseball JSA