How to publish your eBook on Amazon

Lifehacker offers a short guide on how to turn your musings into a finished product in the Amazon Kindle Store:

  • Write your book in Microsoft Word and save it as a .doc file. Skip the .rtf and .docx formats. They don’t play nicely with the Kindle.
  • Pay attention to how you format your text. Bolding, italicizing, and indenting are no problem, but steer clear of bullets, headers, footers, and fancy fonts.
  • Any images you use need to be in .jpeg format with center alignment. Remember that the Kindle can only show images in grayscale.

The value of plain language in government communications

This is important. The Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN) are federal employees working to integrate simpler language into otherwise complicated legislation and policy.Based on the premise that the best content is the clearest content, the group provides a lot of resources on the value of plain language communications.

Especially of interest are the Before and After documents.

I’m currently writing about the role of social media in tearing down the corporate firewall between products, markets and customers, and I think plain language is a major component of that movement, as well. I’ll post the story as it’s available in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, discover the value of plain language by reading Beth Mazur’s May 2000 article for Technical Communication, Revisiting Plain Language.