In which i buy an iPad

I’m writing this post from a new, 16gb wifi-enabled iPad. I was late to the iPad party. First, it took me awhile to decide whether I wanted an iPad. Once I made that decision, it became very difficult to actually purchase one. Both Apple Stores here in Austin have been sold out for weeks and have implemented a waiting list to distribute what little stock they do receive each week.

I received an email from Apple today telling me that the iPad i reserved two weeks ago was in stock. I had 24 hours to pick it up before it would be released. I imagine this is the typical purchasing experience of most people who aren’t able to get one off the shelf.

The iPad is beautiful to use. It’s very fast, and the display looks terrific. I wish the resolution matched that of the iPhone 4, but I’m certain that it will in future iterations. What’s also lacking is a front facing and rear-side camera for FaceTime.

Typing on the iPad is somewhat effortless. I’m writing this within the WordPress for iPad app. I wouldn’t want to write more than two pages or so of text, but for quick posts there’s a lot of value.

Many of my iPhone apps needed to be upgraded in order to work on the iPad in full resolution. Some popular apps, including Facebook, don’t have an iPad version yet, which means users will have to use a small version, or zoom in to a more pixelated experience.

I’m looking forward to using Netflix for iPad, which let’s me stream movies from my instant queue. I haven’t installed Pages, as Evernote and Simplenote seem to meet my writing needs.

A few thoughts on the iPad

It’s been just under a week since I began getting really excited about the iPad. The idea of having a mobile, flatscreen web browser, media player and word processor was almost too much to bear. That excitement is wearing off.

Will I get an iPad? Maybe. But if I don’t, here’s why: By some accounts the iPad is difficult to type with, especially if you try to write more than a few sentences. This is frustrating for bloggers, students, and people who deal with lots of text for a living.  Sure, you can hook the device up to an external keyboard, but at the cost of compromising the iPad’s purpose — to fill the space between phone and laptop.

I want a device similar to the iPad that’s more than a media viewer. I want a media creator; one that has a front-facing camera and USB ports to attach external devices. I don’t want to deal with unstable wi-fi, and I want the ability to install OSX-compatible software of my choice.

I haven’t ruled anything out, but for now, I’m not completely sold.