Scientology show down caught on video

Run-in at Scientology’s celebrity HQ was caught on film. Via Google Video:

While I was vkideotaping a picket at Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Los Angeles, I accidently bumped into a security guard. He called the police and tried to have me arrested.

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One Reply to “Scientology show down caught on video”

  1. That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. That guy doing the complaining was seriously in need of chilling out.

    I can’t believe he thought he’d get away with a story that wasn’t right when you had video evidence of what was said. He changed his story more times than I change my underwear and I change that at least once a day.

    Technically, in England, you would have been guilty of assault for your physical movement if there had been any intent behind it, but otherwise it would have been taken as an everyday normal life bump and knock. Funnily enough, the law doesn’t define exactly where to draw the line, but it does take into account the belief of the ‘victim’! Good job you didn’t bump into him in London then! You might have ended up in prison.

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