Comcast horror stories

In response to yesterday’s post featuring the Comcast technician who fell asleep at a customer’s house, I wanted to post a summary of some of the comments and email I’ve received.

Here’s what a few people had to say:

Had a similar experience this weekend when they sent not one, but two technicians when my internet connection dropped. Apparently testing my broadband requires turning on the television and watching boxing on ESPN for five minutes.


Oh man that was too funny!

But then again, it’s just par for the course to those of us who have had similar experiences with Comcrap over the years.

In my case, it was the same internet problem time and time again (slow crappy connection, frequent outages, simpletons in customer service, etc…).

I have a second high speed connection from a local provider (Houston area) that in the 3.5 years I’ve lived here has NEVER gone down. Ever!

Hey Comcast – Get A Clue!


Amen, brother.

I hate Comcast with a passion… been waiting three weeks for them to get my digital cable working.


I have comcast, no problems for 5 years til they started upgrading. Now for the past 7 months my internet has been down every 2 days for 2-5 hours. Call up, and no one knows there is an outage (Great communication there comcast techs!). Ive had them charge me (few times now) 50 bux for a visit which they came and determined it was their problem.


Was this from the Ontario area? These same dim wits tried to connect my parents for cable and broke their vcr. My dad said forget it and told them to leave. The company then had the nerve to bill them for “their time.” Comcast people are dogs breath.


I used to bitch about comcast tech support, but i actually have had good experiences recently. I had a Customer service rep call me back out of the blue regarding a cable issue because she kept searching after we got off the phone. I spoke with her atleast 5 times over two days as she got my issue resovled. I’ve had some internet issues also and had tech visits that were professional and prompt. Ended up with a guy checking my line outside and resolved the issue.

I used to bitch, but i’ve gotten a months worth of great service


That’s comedy gold. I just signed up with Comcast, but after seeing this I think I’ll just cancel if anything goes wrong. They already sent a crazy guy to my house to sell me cable and talk about Jesus. Those are some great business practices.


Beautiful! Comcast is absolutely HORRIBLE. I see a commercial on TV every 10 minutes, yet their customer service is the WORST I’ve ever dealt with for any product or service in my lifetime… Kudos – great video!


The comcast “techs” that are sent to the field are contractors. They are paid a flat rate per visit. He was put on hold for an hour by a company that’s paying him a flat rate for something that should take around 15 minutes. Sounds like everyone is getting fucked by Comcast.

He looks like the tech that came to my house…except the one that came to my place wasn’t sleeping.


it’s funny cuz it’s true… i’ll admit i have fallen asleep in front of someones computer sitting on hold for an hour just to get hung up on and have to call back for a simple fix that could have been done over the phone when the cust. called in. so in the future don’t expect too much except high prices and for the tech to be on hold as much as you did when you called in… we work our fingers to the bone so the big wigs up top can get there bonuses and and make it harder and harder every year for us to get our almost 3% or less raise every year……


This is classic. I currently work for a similar large cable monopoly that begins with a ‘C’ and rymes with ‘omcast’ that shall remain nameless. I’ve heard so many horror stories about crappy service but I never have problems. First of all I have my own router and never have had a tech touch my computer or modem because they are completly ignorant boobs. ‘C’-omcast doesn’t have high expectations of service because you can’t just go to the other cable company. Having a TV monopoly is fine with me but at least internet should be open to other ISP’s. I do recommend getting a job here because then you’ll get internet, tv and phone for free. Ahhh, the benefits of working for a monopoly.

** *

A comcast technician came to my house, was trying to flirt with me, asked me about my religious beliefs, lied to his boss on the walky talky and told them it was going to be another hour and then started flipping through channels and watching t.v.. and when my boyfriend called, the worker ran upstairs and went into my 2 year old’s room to watch her sleep.. when I went after him, he said he also went into my bedroom and bathroom looking for her.. then he wrote his number on a peice of paper and left.. the next day he called me after looking up my number through work and asked me out.

It was very comcastic.

** *

recently while getting comcast installed the guy shredded sunflower seeds mostly inside the modem box all over the warranty. Even today I found more empty shells. Theyre all over my apt………………….

For many, many more Comcast stories, read the Fark discussion about this post.

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10 Replies to “Comcast horror stories”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I ordered digital cable from Comcast yesterday. They had an opening for installation this afternoon which was great. At noon I look out and see the van, but the tech is still sitting inside so I wait… Went upstairs to get my crying baby out of the crib, and then notice the message light is blinking on my phone. While I’m retrieving the message my cell phone rings so I’m scrambling to find it and miss that call too. The message was from Comcast saying that a tech was at my house but I wasn’t home. SO, I go outside and stand on the front porch, waving, until the tech looks right at me. Two minutes later I hear the van start up and he leaves. I called Comcast and told them if they don’t get a tech back here this afternoon I’m switching to satellite. They said there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll get someone here…not so great odds for them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s not that Comcast doesn’t have skilled technicians. The dirty little secret is that Comcast actively seeks to get every employee on some form of write up and presents erroneous arguments to terminate seasoned employees when they ascend to the higher pay scales. Comcast is a non-union employer for the most part and concocts reasons to immediately fire any employee who dare ponder such a possibility.

    I have nothing but sympathy for the tech who fell asleep. What the public may not be aware of is Comcast encourages it’s employees to skip their lunches by assigning them 12 to 14 hours work for a 10 hour shift. If you have the audacity to take your breaks and lunch you will be behind on your appointments and written up for not completing enough points which is their way of measuring productivity. If you inform your supervisor you are overloaded with work and have to cut out your breaks and lunch you will be written up for violating labor laws.

    Techs have to, on a regular basis work late performing service calls and or installs till 10pm
    and in some instances till midnight only to report for work the next morning at 7:00 am. I know this to be true as I was a Comcast employee and ranked in the top two statistically. Contrary to the P.R. campaign Comcast doesn’t care. Experienced employee’s are to be turned over to regulate cost and some are fired weeks before retirement. If I had to venture a guess I’d say an overseas sweat shop treats their employees with more respect and care.

    Comcast, actively seeking write ups recently attempted to trim payroll deciding it was a wonderful idea to search the installers vehicles while they attended a company picnic, and wouldn’t you know it they inspected mostly seasoned techs at the higher end of the pay scale. Yay for Comcast reprimands galore. I ask anyone who reads this not to support a corporation which, by design creates an atmosphere of fear for it’s employees to work in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any chance we can unite and organize a class action lawsuit against Comcast’s sleazy tactics?

    After years of being a subscriber of their high speed internet service, I decided to switch to Verizon DSL, because Comcast decided to raise the price by more than 25% in one fell swoop…

    They disconnected me alright, but then I got a bill for $99 for “unreturned modem”… Thieves. That modem was returned to them exactly 4 years ago and the monthly bills that I received prove that very well (otherwhise they would have charged me $5 more every month). However, some “Mafia Tactics” policy probably programmed their computer system to always charge this fee, despite the facts. You know, there always those who unsuspectingly pay the bill…

    No problem for me – not only I have the bills to prove that, but I also kept the receipt that shows that I returned that modem.

    The problem is… that when I called their 1-800-393-7773 number to rectify the issue, an icompetent worker answered the phone, saying that I have to physically go to one of their locations and show the receipt.

    Hello??? Comcast screws up and I have to waste my time going there? They can’t solve the problem over the phone? Comcast has no computers that can show the account status?

    I, at least, will no longer be a Comcast customer – and they can dream of getting the $99 using fraudulant tactics. How about you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    okay, everyone here whines so effing much. i work in tech support for comcast, and i can turn a computer inside out and backwards, but you people can’t even find an address bar and expect me to help you fix it, hello, get a clue and learn how to use your computer before you whine to me about how it never works, when i get it working, don’t mess with anything, you say you don’t change anything, but those settings change somehow, stop thinking you know what you’re doing, you’re clueless. then proceed to yell at me how the tech missed the appt, or how you have to take off work for the tech, suck it up princess, he has to work too and it just so happens that his schedule and yours is the same, want it fixed shut up and stay the eff home. And your “unreturned modem fee” yeah sure i’ll call in tomorrow and say i returned my modem, from years ago. Like most big companies, it’s not kept right at my fingertips unless its 6 months old….more than that and sorry you’re dragging your lazy ass down to a center. go eff yourself you ass.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The C. Cast guy came to my house to hook up the cable. He saw my bowl on the table and joked about it so I asked him if he wanted to smoke up and he said yes. We hung out and smoked for a bit. It was a fun hour or so

  6. Irrate contract installer says:

    Comcast pure and simply just don’t want to pay for experienced techs.

    It’s in their financial plan to have unwashed, untrained miscreants hack up peoples service and homes so that when the customer complains they can then back charge the contractor and get the work done for free.

    The poor customer ends up being the victim along with the poor slob doing the work cause he ain’t getting paid.
    It truly befuddles me that any company would allow this to go on because it will one day have a negative effect on profit as other alternative data, telco, and media come into the market place.
    By the way Comcast does not raise prices paid out to contractors…it actually cutsd them by 30% every year or so.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What an embarassing company to work for and be associated with.
    I am completly floored at the poor treatment this company gives out to their customers.
    We had our service turned on in May of 2008- had two tech’s come out to figure out why we couldnt get internet or phone service-both said it was the router- (2 factory defects?) Called again another Amazing tech support man came at 830pm- after they failed to tell me they couldnt get to the schedualed appt. at 10am that morning– said the problem was very simple! It was never properly activated–
    So 2 months later we now have internet- called customer service to be credited- and they said we have to pay for the 2 months we never had their service?????
    WHY!!! ??
    I told them Id pay for when the service started– Allison from the Waltham, MA office -a customer service rep literally screamed at me told me it wasnt her problem and people like me ruin her day”

    taking a customer service means you are there to deal with people who have concerns and problems associated with the Company you represent.

    So comcast- by paying you for service that we never had would mean I would be donating money to your company…

    Get on the ball – have some higher standards in the people you hire and get your Sh*t in order.
    You’ve wasted my time-dealing with you is a full time job- enough is enough

  8. Anonymous says:

    Listen to my story….a full year ago (Dec 2007) I purchased a Comcast plan with an HDTV digital starter; two men arrived with only one ladder that was not long enough to attach the cable, so I had to lend them mine…. What kind of company sends out people without the appropriate tools to do the job?

    One hour later, I was not even left a channel line up, nor was I sent one in the mail, as was promised.

    FACT: I agreed to pay $55.75 for the starter plus a $6.95 service fee for a FULL YEAR; that was the agreed upon fee over the phone and that is what I signed on the technician’s paperwork on the day of installation.

    In October 2008, I received a letter stating that they’d checked their records and felt they’d made an error in billing and they should have been charging me for a more expensive starter!!! “Unless I called within 10 days,” I was “going to be billed an additional $15.95 a month.”

    As if on cue, I was suddenly unable to watch the FREE movies that came with my system. They created this issue so as to be able to get back in my house.

    I pulled out my paperwork and called them up and notified them that I was paying only the agreed upon price at time of installation and to which I’d signed my name.

    They did not relent and admit that the error was theirs. My November 2008 bill has proven even more interesting; I received TWO additional fees on my account for this “upgrade” I’d never agreed to.

    That’s when I emailed the CEO, Brian L Roberts

    Here’s his email:

    Here’s the corporate headquarters number: 215-286-8960
    and 215-665-1700

    One day later, corporate headquarters had a representative in Nashville call me. She ADMITTED that they had made an error at installation, but insisted that I set aside a three hour window for them to “switch out the unit.”

    I informed her that the hassle was greatly unappreciated during Thanksgiving week and I expected a refund for the month of “free movies” lost and my time.

    If Comcast is monitoring this site, I have this to say: USE ANY OTHER COMPANY THAN COMCAST. They will purposefully install the wrong unit to create “add-ons” to your bill. Keep all of your paperwork, if you dare to go ahead and use them. I do trust them as far as I can throw my house.

    I also had them put in a line for my computer a month after the TV; they had to completely rip it out and reinstall a new one in my lawn just 8 months later.

    This is my cautionary tale; be smart and use another service!

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