Bring it On

Texas Tech’s loss to West Virginia last night in the Sweet 16 means only one thing to me: Bring on Baseball. I’m trying to not let a lot of the negativity surrounding baseball affect my love of the game. The biggest issue I’m reeling with right now is the Cubs loss of Joe Borowski — for about 6 weeks.

I bought a new iPod yesterday, and I’m really getting into podcasting. I spent an hour today listening to Bicyclemark’s Audio Communique, he discusses his world journeys the past several years, and explains how he ended up in Amsterdam. Very interesting.

iPodder is great software. The interface allows you to look through directories of podcasts by interest or popularity. I even found some aviation-related podcasts. Here’s how it works: you subscribe just like you would an RSS news feed. The podcasts you subscribe to automatically download and go to the media player of your choice (mine is iTunes), and updates to your iPod when you sync. Right now I’m subscribed to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, BicycleMark, MacCast, The Inside Mac Radio Show, and Illinoise!.

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  1. Two things. If you haven’t read the cover story in Sports Illustrated yet, do so. One of thebest basball stories I gave ever read.

    Also, WTF is poscasting?

    I have an Ipod, so I am curious.

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