Lexrob has posted the rules to the Full House drinking game. It’s a hilarious read:

The way I sees it, if you’re gonna watch Full House, you might as well go ahead and get completely ripped in the process. After all, a half hour of your life doesn’t have to be the only thing getting wasted, right? For this reason, I have created The Full House Drinking Game.

Required Equipment

  • Liquid refreshment
  • At least one shot glass for each player
  • One comb (any other hair care item will work if a comb is unavailable)
  • One pair of sunglasses

Rule #9: How Rude!
If Stephanie says, “How rude,” it means she feels slighted in some way, and that should make you feel bad. All players must take one shot, repeat the catch phrase, and then take another shot.

Rule #10: Cleanliness
Whenever Danny Tanner is cleaning, all players must take one shot. If he is cleaning a cleaning product or item (such as a bottle of detergent or a vacuum cleaner), all players must take two shots.

Rule #11: The Gibbler Rules
Any time Kimmy Gibbler says, “Tanneritos,” “Mr. T.,” or “Squirt,” all players must take one shot. Upon any reference of her parents’ desire to disown her or get her out of the house, all players must take one shot. Whenever she mentions professional wrestling, all players must take one shot. Upon any mention of Kimmy’s foot odor, all players must take one shot.

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