Still trying to get caught up on end-of-the-semester grading. Shouldn’t be hard to get caught up on time.

Two out of three of my classes are now complete. Two As so far. Let’s see if I can go for the trifecta and ace this semester, properly closing my last semester of graduate school.

Spent lots of time today reflecting on Mom, and I hope you did, also.

I need to start thinking about revamping my website so that it reflects a lot of the great things I’ve learned while in the MATC program at Texas Tech. It’s sad to leave, but I fill with anticipation when I think of applying both my practical and theoretical skill sets to my future employers.

Found this article online:

Jennifer Wilbanks’ extravagant wedding plans now appear to be toast.

So perhaps it’s appropriate that a New Jersey man chose a piece of toasted Wonder Bread as a canvas for the runaway bride’s portrait, now selling for more than $16,000 on the auction Web site eBay.

While 48-year-old Perry Lonzello reportedly carved the Georgia bride’s likeness into the toast and posted it as a joke, his artwork has been making some serious bread. Lonzello, who has been keeping a log of the resulting toast frenzy on the eBay listing, said he plans to donate the money to charity.

As of noon Pacific Time Saturday, 116 bids had been made on the toast, with a top bid of $16,100. The week-long auction started at $1 and closes Sunday morning.

Now that the runaway bride has apologized, I wonder if we can get the media to apologize for wasting two weeks of our lives by covering the debacle.

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