Cricket suffering from parasitic worm commits ‘suicide’

Gordian worms live inside crickets for long periods, feeding on the cricket’s diet. Once fully grown, they inject chemicals into the cricket’s brain brainwashing it and forcing it to kill itself by jumping into the water. Once in the water, the worm wriggles out of the writhing body and swims off in search of a mate. source

Fish with ‘human-like’ teeth caught in Texas

Lubbock, TX game wardens are trying to determine the species of a fish caught from a popular West Texas lake that appears to have human teeth. Here’s the item from Lubbock’s CBS affiliate:

Late Tuesday afternoon, a fisherman hooked a fish he says he`s never seen before and lake officials are just as amazed: a 20-pound fish with what looks like human teeth.

Scott Curry has caught thousands of fish at Buffalo Springs Lake. He knew his catch was something special from the time he hooked it.

“It took a long time to (reel)in,” he says. “I didn`t want to lose it. I was afraid line would break on it.”

After reeling in the 20-pounder, Curry realized it wasn`t a typical catch. This one had teeth.

“I haven`t seen anything like it,” he says.

“I`ve lived out here 36-years, and I`ve never seen a fish like that out here in my life,” says Greg Thornton, General Manager of Buffalo Springs Lake.

Internet searches show it might be a pacu, a fish familiar to South America or a tambaqui, one of the most valuable commercial fish in the Amazon.

“Some one likely got rid of it out here,” thinks Thornton.

A game warden has taken pictures and will try to identify it in the next few days.

OpenOffice steps up rhetoric in Microsoft’s backyard

Not surprisingly, near the home of Redmond-based Microsoft. OpenOffice is the free open-source alternative to Microsoft’s prize-child Word. The open-source camp has recently been stepping up the rhetoric against Microsoft, and is apparently taking it step further by buying clever ad space. Slogans include Stop giving a bully your lunch money, Compatible with expensive, closed, memory loving software, and Prehistoric reptilians welcome.