Don’t copy that floppy!

Anti-piracy ad from late 80s or early 90s:

Amazing CGI

Some of the best I’ve ever seen. Enjoy.

What kids do with MySpace

This video is a compilation of pictures that have appeared on MySpace. It’s a bit disturbing – and probably not safe to watch at work. I don’t know whether this is represenative of young adults today and I don’t think this represents all MySpace users, but no doubt pictures like this will follow you for the rest of your life. Please, be careful what you post on the Internet.

NES Light Gun – Alarm clock

A London Geek has hard-wired a vintage NES lightgun to his alarm clock in what could be described as a pretty fun gadget – or piece of art. I like the idea of popping a cap in my alarm clock each morning with anything but a 12-gauge shotgun:

This piece connects two electronic pop icons from the 80s: the famous cube-shaped bestselling alarm clock from Sony and the Nintendo light gun Zapper, launched in 1985 along with the also bestselling 8 bit game console NES. These two devices are hard-wired so the time and the alarm of the Sony clock can be set up firing with the light gun. See the “hard-wired functionalities” below to know how it works. This piece in particular has been featured in the magazine Artinvestor dec. 2005 (special issue on Game Art). (more)

Superman is Methodist

Ever wonder about the religious affilitation of your favorite superhero?

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