January Jams

Here are some songs from my January playlist:

Bob Dylan – No Direction Home documentaty (podcasts)
KUT’s Live Music Podcast
Guns N’ Roses – Patience, Don’t Cry, November Rain, Live and Let Die
White Stripes – We’re going to be friends, The Nurse, My Doorbell
Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls, You’re My Best Friend
Postal Service – Angel Pumping Gas, Nothing Better, Clark Gable

How to stop ZoneAlarm from Spying on you

It was discovered last week that makers of the popular free ZoneAlarm firewall software include a portion of XML code that reports back information on your internet use. I’m still searching for a good replacement, but in the meantime here’s how you disable the code. The company says it will fix the “bug” soon. In the meantime you can work around it by adding:

# Block access to ZoneLabs Server zonelabs.com
to your Windows host file.

I found this to be a pretty useful trip. Post any recommendations for ZA alternatives you might have.

For months I’ve been looking for a comprehensive Photoshop resource geared at more practical photo editing. I’ve finally found one. Check it out.