Vast majority don’t know phishing, podcasting and RSS

More news and details on the technology and language front:

Most Internet users know the difference between Internet spam and the popular canned ham. But the vast majority don’t know the terms “phishing,” “podcasting” and “RSS feeds,” according to a recently released study.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project survey quizzed online users about their familiarity with Internet buzzwords such as spam, firewall and Internet cookies. The results reflect how many of those terms have worked their way into mainstream consciousness.

Microsoft reportedly has deleted images of Apple’s Cupertino-based headquarters

Microsoft reportedly has deleted images of Apple’s Cupertino-based headquarters from its mapping software. Interesting:

Google shows the Apple Cupertino HQ – a lovely, shiny building probably full of iPods. MSN on the other hand shows an apparently empty field. Not as much as a black turtle-necked jumper remains of Apple’s headquarters. This could be no more than an old picture taken before Cupertino was built or a glimpse of an imagined future.


91 percent of Americans don’t know what RSS is

The Blog Herald examines a Pew Internet report that finds 91 percent of Americans don’t know what RSS is:

A new study from those whacky folks over at Pew Internet has found that 91% of Americans have absolutely no idea what RSS is.

The study of 2001 Americans also found that 87% of Americans have no idea what podcasting is as well. Interestingly though 88% of people knew what spam was, and 78% knew what spyware and a firewall was, so it could be concluded that these certainly weren’t a sample of stupid people.


FCC Chairmain Kevin Martin on loosening broadband rules

The Wall Street Journal today has an interview with FCC Chairmain Kevin Martin. You might find some of his views on loosening broadband rules interesting:

In an interview, Mr. Martin, a 38-year-old Bush loyalist, says his top goal is to increase Americans’ access to high-speed Internet. Late last week, he began circulating plans to loosen rules so neither phone nor cable companies will be required to share their Internet connections with competitors like America Online, a change that essentially would create a duopoly in many local markets. He also embraces the idea that local governments should be allowed to offer wireless Internet services, at least in rural areas where some phone and cable companies balk at providing high-speed service.


IBM sees blogging as a key way for companies to promote information sharing

TechWorld on Enterprise Blogging and IBM:

IBM sees blogging as a key way for companies to promote information sharing. “In an enterprise, corporate knowledge is in employees’ heads most of the time. We are providing tools that help to capture that knowledge and share it through the organization,” said Ed Brill, business unit executive for Lotus and Domino sales at IBM. Brill himself is well known as a blogger.

Read the whole thing here.

Most Overrated Songs of All Time

Blog Critics has posted the Top 13 Most Overrated Songs of All Time. Here’s a taste:

5. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” – Def Leppard

In an age of overrated songs ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ rose to the occasion. Has anyone listened to the lyrics? “Mirror queen, mannequin, rhythm of love.. Do you take sugar? one lump or two?” It makes absolutely no sense. And the drums might as well be a beat box, or a late 80’s Casio keyboard with the ‘Rock Drum’ button to play along with. The guitar riffs are bland, and for some reason Joe Elliot is trying to passionately scream words like ‘saccharine’. It just doesn’t work, but for some reason people love this song. I guess it’s the loud kick and the double tracked vocals.

Sadly, a couple of my favorites made the list. For reasons of dignity, I won’t divulge which ones.

Willie’s picnic

Late Tuesday night, and Lauren and I just returned from Dallas-Ft Worth. Its great to be home. Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic was incredible. After lunch today, we went to Ameriquest Field in Arlington and took a tour. It was fascinating to see the press boxes, owner’s luxury suite, dugouts, training areas, etc. The Red Sox were in town tonight for a game with the Rangers (we saw a few roaming around aimlessly) but we were unable to stay that late since we had to head home.

Click on the Flickr badge on the right side of this page to view some of the photos we took. Or just click here.

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