Check out Whole Wheat Radio

Looking for a change in your streaming radio lineup? Check out Whole Wheat Radio:

We’re real people. We have an outhouse out back. We don’t have a professionally polished webpage, flashy banner ads, overblown self-promotion and lots of glitz. If you came here because you’re tired of other webcast’s hype and just want to connect with down-to-earth people and great music — stick around.

We’re simple, silly folks with a love of independent music. Consider us a little backwoods cabin (literally) with a bunch of beat up cars parked around the campfire where great music is being played. You’ll see a few people dancing, a group over there discussing philosophy, and a romantic couple cuddling under a red blanket with a bottle of wine. Wear your comfortable jeans and the tee-shirt with a rip under the arm. You’ll fit right in.


Challenging Internet Stereotypes of Teen “Technowizards”

Parents More Web Savvy Than Their Kids?


The cliché of Web-savvy teenagers clicking circles around their parents is simply not a reality, according to a new study by the Nielsen Norman Group that challenges Internet stereotypes of teen “technowizards.”

The study showed that teens quickly succumb to Internet ennui and, unlike their parents, give up quickly on sites that are difficult to navigate.

“When using Web sites, teenagers have a lower success rate than adults and they’re also easily bored,” the study concluded. “To work for teens, Web sites must be simple, but not childish, and supply plenty of interactive features.”


Apple and Wal-Mart to sell Ipod Shuffles

AppleInsider is reporting a partnership between Apple and Wal-Mart to sell Ipod Shuffles:

According to sources close to the retail giant, Wal-Mart in April will begin receiving mass quantities of Apple’s new iPod shuffle digital music player, which it will then make available in many, if not all, of its nearly 5000 locations.

The deal between the two companies will be capped by a feature in Wal-Mart’s March tabular advertisement, sources say.

Typically speaking, a Wal-Mart feature calls for at least 50 units — in this case 25+ of each shuffle model — per hometown store, while metro area locations would require significantly larger quantities of the product.


Apple and Best Buy will partner to sell Mac

MacObserver is reporting that Apple and Best Buy will partner to sell Mac-Minis and Ipod Shuffles, presumably in the next 30 days:

Apple Computer will begin selling both models of the Mac mini and the $99 iPod shuffle at over 780 Best Buy stores in the U.S. sometime in the next 30 days, the electronics retailer has confirmed and highly reliable, third-party sources have corroborated to The Mac Observer. The return of Macintosh computers to Best Buy ends an almost six year hiatus for Apple at the nation’s largest electronics retailer.

The report follows the brief appearance of the Mini at Target Online.

What may be interesting to see is how Best Buy will approach its onsite sales strategy to sell Mac products. Blue shirted sales reps are typically accustomed to pushing stock PC units, and will require a crash course in handling PC-to-Mac converts: Will this app run on Macs? Where is the right-click button? Will my wireless home network link my Mac to my PC? Without a doubt, however, Apple’s position in the PC-drenched Best Buy stores will harvest unprecedented exposure for potential converts.


The inception of Apple’s Mac Mini

The inception of Apple’s Mac Mini has been shrouded in weirdness the past several days. Just yesterday, The Apple Store appeared to slash the price of several of the Mini’s upgrade components, such as the Bluetooth and Airport Extreme combo pack, and the system’s RAM upgrade. Also, buyers seemed to be able to purchase the 8x Superdrive option for the same price as a 4x drive. All these apparent price breaks were corrected today, and an Apple spokesperson tells MacWorld that the price cuts were due to a typographical error:

The Apple representative told MacCentral that a 4x SuperDrive is the standard — and only — optical drive upgrade offered to Mac mini buyers. It was unclear what will happen to orders placed for the Mac mini where an 8x SuperDrive was specified.

Update: News to Mac OSX? Here’s a pretty cool guide on how to get started.

I haven’t received my Mini yet. But here’s my configuration:

512MB Ram

40Gig HD


Ipod Shuffle 512 MB

Clearly, I opted for more RAM versus Bluetooth, Airport, a hard drive expansion or wireless keyboards.