Let’s Bring Wireless to Downtown Lubbock

by mcastellon on May 26, 2005

Lubbock’s NBC affiliate is reporting that the City of Lubbock is preparing to begin another initiative to revitalize the downtown sector of the city. The story hasn’t been posted to the KCBD website yet, but when it is, I’ll post it.

Almost every city in America is struggling with a downtown revitalization project of some sort. However, this news has me thinking of several stories I’ve read the past few years of initiatives to introduce free wireless internet service to downtown areas in an effort to deliver customers to economically down-turned areas.

What about free wireless internet in downtown Lubbock?

Imagine sitting in an outdoor coffee shop, park, bar, or shopping center in downtown Lubbock and surfing the web.

It’s my belief downtown Lubbock hasn’t evolved much since the 1970s, with the exception of several law offices and a handful of restaurants. Maybe its time to allow downtown Lubbock to evolve into a modern day business environment – one with wireless connectivity.

An environment like this would be conducive to an audience that would bring businesses to merchants. Seattle is doing it, and so is my hometown of Urbana, Illinois.

Similarly, free wireless internet might be one more step to bridging the gap between East Lubbock, which borders downtown Lubbock and has fallen significantly behind in terms of economic development, education, and connectivity. By opening the internet to more people, we provide people with options and education. This might be a good way to draw business to downtown Lubbock while at the same time meeting a social need.

UPDATE: Here’s the KCBD story

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