Dell Partners with Skype

by mcastellon on June 2, 2006

Via TMCNet:

Skype and Dell announced on Wednesday that they have joined forces for faster VoIP calls. The companies agreed to ship Skype software with new Dell XPS mobile systems, which include the XPS M1210 and XPS M2010.

The new deal calls for Dell to provide its customers with access to Skype’s voice and video Internet calling software. According to the deal, Dell will pre-load Skype on the XPS 2010, a mobile entertainment system, which features a 20.1-inch high-definition display with integrated Web cam. The XPS 1210 can also be configured with Skype as part of an optional audio-video communications package also comprised of an integrated rotating Web cam, noise-isolation earbuds and mobile broadband capability.


I’m not sure about the effectiveness of this approach. XPS systems are Dell’s high-end gaming systems. Gamers and users who purchase high-end, high performance systems are already well-tuned with Skype. Now, installing Skype on low-end machines, on the other hand, and introducing VoiP to less tech-savvy customers would have been a pretty bold and effective move.

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