Comcast horror stories

by mcastellon on June 22, 2006

In response to yesterday’s post featuring the Comcast technician who fell asleep at a customer’s house, I wanted to post a summary of some of the comments and email I’ve received.

Here’s what a few people had to say:

Had a similar experience this weekend when they sent not one, but two technicians when my internet connection dropped. Apparently testing my broadband requires turning on the television and watching boxing on ESPN for five minutes.


Oh man that was too funny!

But then again, it’s just par for the course to those of us who have had similar experiences with Comcrap over the years.

In my case, it was the same internet problem time and time again (slow crappy connection, frequent outages, simpletons in customer service, etc…).

I have a second high speed connection from a local provider (Houston area) that in the 3.5 years I’ve lived here has NEVER gone down. Ever!

Hey Comcast – Get A Clue!


Amen, brother.

I hate Comcast with a passion… been waiting three weeks for them to get my digital cable working.


I have comcast, no problems for 5 years til they started upgrading. Now for the past 7 months my internet has been down every 2 days for 2-5 hours. Call up, and no one knows there is an outage (Great communication there comcast techs!). Ive had them charge me (few times now) 50 bux for a visit which they came and determined it was their problem.


Was this from the Ontario area? These same dim wits tried to connect my parents for cable and broke their vcr. My dad said forget it and told them to leave. The company then had the nerve to bill them for “their time.” Comcast people are dogs breath.


I used to bitch about comcast tech support, but i actually have had good experiences recently. I had a Customer service rep call me back out of the blue regarding a cable issue because she kept searching after we got off the phone. I spoke with her atleast 5 times over two days as she got my issue resovled. I’ve had some internet issues also and had tech visits that were professional and prompt. Ended up with a guy checking my line outside and resolved the issue.

I used to bitch, but i’ve gotten a months worth of great service


That’s comedy gold. I just signed up with Comcast, but after seeing this I think I’ll just cancel if anything goes wrong. They already sent a crazy guy to my house to sell me cable and talk about Jesus. Those are some great business practices.


Beautiful! Comcast is absolutely HORRIBLE. I see a commercial on TV every 10 minutes, yet their customer service is the WORST I’ve ever dealt with for any product or service in my lifetime… Kudos – great video!


The comcast “techs” that are sent to the field are contractors. They are paid a flat rate per visit. He was put on hold for an hour by a company that’s paying him a flat rate for something that should take around 15 minutes. Sounds like everyone is getting fucked by Comcast.

He looks like the tech that came to my house…except the one that came to my place wasn’t sleeping.


it’s funny cuz it’s true… i’ll admit i have fallen asleep in front of someones computer sitting on hold for an hour just to get hung up on and have to call back for a simple fix that could have been done over the phone when the cust. called in. so in the future don’t expect too much except high prices and for the tech to be on hold as much as you did when you called in… we work our fingers to the bone so the big wigs up top can get there bonuses and and make it harder and harder every year for us to get our almost 3% or less raise every year……


This is classic. I currently work for a similar large cable monopoly that begins with a ‘C’ and rymes with ‘omcast’ that shall remain nameless. I’ve heard so many horror stories about crappy service but I never have problems. First of all I have my own router and never have had a tech touch my computer or modem because they are completly ignorant boobs. ‘C’-omcast doesn’t have high expectations of service because you can’t just go to the other cable company. Having a TV monopoly is fine with me but at least internet should be open to other ISP’s. I do recommend getting a job here because then you’ll get internet, tv and phone for free. Ahhh, the benefits of working for a monopoly.

** *

A comcast technician came to my house, was trying to flirt with me, asked me about my religious beliefs, lied to his boss on the walky talky and told them it was going to be another hour and then started flipping through channels and watching t.v.. and when my boyfriend called, the worker ran upstairs and went into my 2 year old’s room to watch her sleep.. when I went after him, he said he also went into my bedroom and bathroom looking for her.. then he wrote his number on a peice of paper and left.. the next day he called me after looking up my number through work and asked me out.

It was very comcastic.

** *

recently while getting comcast installed the guy shredded sunflower seeds mostly inside the modem box all over the warranty. Even today I found more empty shells. Theyre all over my apt………………….

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